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The business world has always thrived on networking. Transactional activities cannot exist in isolation – so making and maintaining contacts that support and enhance a business model are at the very heart of corporate success.  Visibility is a vital component, and in this age of digital media and social networking, it has frankly never been easier to share information in the public domain.  This ability to reach a vast, global audience can be a blessing and a curse.

It’s true that the Internet is an unrivalled tool for marketing and communications, one that businesses can harness to great advantage.  Yet the very same routes to market that promote a company or individual can be hijacked with frightening ease by those whose intentions are less than honourable.  Untold damage can be done to reputations in the blink of an eye, or the click of a mouse. is the pioneer of online reputation management.  The company has helped more than a million clients in over 100 countries protect and control their digital presence.  Online presence is a relatively new phenomenon, and as such the socially accepted norms around its application and use are in a constant state of flux.  Issues of privacy are up for discussion, and the boundaries around the concept of the public domain are blurred and inconsistent.

Using the Internet is to open oneself up to this uncertainty, but there are ways of limiting exposure to the inherent dangers. has brought together an outstanding team of technologists and researchers to construct robust methods for navigating the online minefield.  In applying the intellect of some of the brightest minds in the industry to the issue, has been able to develop an approach to online reputation management that enjoys repeated success. helps clients regain control of their online image in various ways.  The incredibly complex search and select mechanisms employed by the primary Internet providers offer the key to control. experts work within existing web constructs to create and bring accurate, positive client image representations to the forefront of online search activity.  Each client campaign is unique, constructed to address the specific set of issues facing an individual or business.  The skill required to achieve this is significant, and has earned numerous honours, including the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award and being named a World Economic Forum Global Growth Company in recognition of continuing innovation and achievement.